virtual SERVICE


Virtual Interconsultation Service for Omic Counselling in Medicine

How do we do it?

We design interoperable smart multi-omics solutions in molecular medicine systems for clinical practice within the framework of 4P medicine strengthening preventive, prediction and precision medicine, personalized and patient-centered and boosting biomedical R & D & i activities.

Digital platform that combines big biodata analysis and artificial inteligencie to develop an integrated system of secure multi-omics data on blockchain technology.

Service features

Awareness and dissemination

Promote multidisciplinary and intersectoral platforms for meeting, analysis and debate with the intervention of the scientific, technological and business communities

Exclusive for professionals

Favor the empowerment of healthcare professionals, offering digital tools for the analysis of Multi-omics biodata to monitor and improve their clinical diagnosis

A clinical enter consultation report

Integrate multi-omics in the digital medical report for a better diagnostic accuracy, increasing effectiveness and efficiency of treatments.

Care continuity

Promote the optimal use of the resources placed at the service of R + D + i in biodata, ensuring their effectiveness, efficiency and quality as a characteristic element of health systems

Privacy & security

Contribute to the development and implementation of healthcare blockchain system ensuring new disruptive tools to guarantee the privacy, security, quality, and integrity of citizen personal biodata


Technical support, knowledge management and teaching of advanced and massive analysis technologies of biodata applied to personalized precision medicine