iT Solutions


Real Time Processing

It is common to receive, process and send information as fast as possible.

What happens when large amounts comes to play? Big data technology provides us with technologies to solve these real time challenges.


Cloud Computing

Deploying your applications or part of them on a cloud server saves you maintenance costs, you only pay for the time you use it. In addition to benefiting from the services already created by the providers.

Artificial Intelligence

As we store more and more data, there is no point in wasting time and money on storing that data without getting productivity out of it.

By applying AI models to the tables that are stored, we can draw conclusions and easily interpret the data. In the same way, the data generates questions that have not been asked before and opens up new ways of research.

Blockchain Systems

The biological and social data we share on a daily basis is a great source of information that tells us a lot about ourselves, and therefore dangerous in the hands of others, so making sure it is private and no one has access to it is essential.

Blockchain technology ensures the integrity, privacy and access to data, in addition to the potential of decentralized systems, which make your application globally accessible and resilient to the environment changes.

For example, we can use blockchain to store the proof of integrity of a medical certificate, so, we have access and can prove its existence and validity across the world.

Zero Knowledge Proofs

We can use the Zero Knowledge Proofs protocol to verify answers without revealing the value in question.

We could, for example, verify the age of a patient by asking if he is of legal age, without knowing if he is 18 or older. These new cryptographic techniques ensure that the data is 100% in the user’s hands, and only the user can decide what to do with them.