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Biodata Sources

Participate in the World Wide Multi-omics network to identify massive biodata sources contributing to the multi-omics routine diagnostic empowering clinical medical decision making.

Data Storage

Storage, harmony and update to safety integrated massive Multi-omics biodata to approach a standarization system for data exchange.


Facilitate disruptive digital tools to easy integrate  multi-omics “know-how” for a better cost-efficiency health care systems management.



Multi-omics Digital Platform Online tool for a better molecular profile understanding. Harmonization, visualization and communication allowing healthcare professionals empowerment, advance health research and medical science.

 Interoperability Interoperable solutions, makeing data accesible in an actionable form for exchange and portability multi-omics biodata for better clinical diagnosis treatments.

 Personalize precision medicine Multi-omics encompasses many different, heterogeneous and complex data sets. Our challenge is to harness and understand this abundance and diversity of data to produce medical clinical diagnosis benefits tailored to the individual or stratified patient groups.



Interpretation Assets and counselling clinical diagnosis information from Multi-omics biodata interpretation to healthcare professionals and final users.

Artificial Intelligence Machine learning up to Artificial Intelligence solutions, to integrate personalized clinical diagnosis,  of biodata from various sources, leading a better diagnostic accuracy, increasing effectiveness and efficiency of treatments. 

Blockchain System Guarantee the privacy, security, quality and integrity of Multi-omics biodata based on a global bolckchain network.